Creating A World Without Cancer

Creating A World Without Cancer

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Jeramie’s Story


One year ago, I was an active 35 year-old husband and dad and I enjoyed working as a coach with wonderful people.  An 8-year Military Veteran, I had run a half marathon just because I was challenged. There wasn’t a sport I didn’t play, a game I wouldn’t compete in or a challenge I wouldn’t take. I wanted to be larger than life so my kids would have a good role model.


Then I foundout I had cancer.  I was alone.  I had insisted on going to the doctor alone and being tested alone.  Following the tests, I was told I was lucky I had come in.  The doctors said they had discovered something, though not what it was.


I was immediately transferred via ambulance to the hospital and it was then I learned what the doctors had found - a mass growing inside my spinal cord.  They described the mass as being very a typical, and I was told that statistically, there was only 1 chance in a million that such a cancerous tumor would grow inside my spinal cord.  Doctors said they didn’t know what they could do for me.


Ultimately, I was diagnosed with a rare spinal cord tumor called Ependymoma.  I was given a 50/50 chance of ever being able to move from the neck down, and before surgery my doctor suggested I say goodbye to my family. This moment haunts me today. I looked at my wife and my parents. With a smile on my face and tears in my eyes, I said goodbye.


Later, when I woke up after surgery I heard my doctor say, “Hey champ, we got it all”.  When he realized that I could already move my toes, he told me, “It’s all going to come back.”  I soon realized I had beat cancer and that I could possibly regain all the functions I had prior to surgery.


I was motivated to push myself harder than I had ever pushed myself so I could walk again. Just 3 days later, I stood up on my weak, numb legs for a second. It was beautiful!


After 10 months, I am still dealing with how having cancer has changed my life.  However, I am super blessed with wonderful children, a wonderful and strong wife who didn’t give up on me, and the best doctors possible. 


I also fee la sense of duty to earn this second chance I have been given. When I found out about Kure It, I knew I wanted to find ways to support them.  I am really excited to share my experiences to help give hope to people who might be experiencing a tough time.

Kure It Cancer Research

Campaign to Support Kure It Cancer Research

Kure It Cancer Research –Saving Lives


It is because of the life-changing legacy of cancer research that wenow truly stand at an inflection point for defeating the disease.  UCLAJonsson Comprehensive Cancer Center 


This is the time of year when we all enjoy opportunities toshare our gratitude with others.  So itis with pleasure that our team at Kure It Cancer Research gratefullyacknowledges the generosity that so many caring people have demonstrated duringthe past 10 years. 

Such admirable generosity was ignited by the conviction of KureIt Cancer Research Founder Barry Hoeven! 

Barry dedicated the final 10 years of his life to developing support for the non-profit he created.  Through his passion and his vision, he influenced people like you to want to be part of making a difference -- part of helping to save lives.

Barry clearly understood that additional funding for cancer research is needed. He knew that it is possible to cure cancer, and that the cure will be discovered in a research laboratory. He founded Kure It to broaden understanding of the threat cancer poses and to highlight the fact that cancer can be eradicated.


“Research has made tremendous advances against cancer. However,we need to accelerate the pace of progress because it is unacceptable that oneAmerican will die of cancer every minute of every day this year. American Association for Cancer Research (AACR) – 2017 Progress Report  


Harsh realities aboutcancer in our country include the following:

·        One in two males will develop cancer

·         One in three females willdevelop cancer

·        Cancer is the number one cause of death for children

Your life and mine – and the lives of everyone we know – all have been impacted by the anguish of cancer.

Each one of us can take steps to change this dire situation! 

Here are three things we can do:

·        Maintain a healthy lifestyle 

You and your family members can greatly decrease your chances of getting cancer by leading a healthy life. This includes exercise, following a wholesome diet, controlling stress andgetting plenty of sleep.

·        Support Kure It 

Your donation will be placed directly into the hands of a highly-qualified researcher at a leading Comprehensive Cancer Research Center.

·        Tell others about Kure It

Introduce others to Kure It, share your personal involvement,and invite them to consider supporting cancer research.

We are proud that, to date, Kure It has received more than $6million in donations.  Funds have been granted to researchers investigating new treatments and cures at 12 Comprehensive Cancer Centers including Centers at City of Hope, UCI, USC and UCLA.


“Clinical research helps us pioneer new treatments for cancer, optimize existing treatments, discover prevention methods and develop ways to improve the quality of life for individuals with cancer.” USC Norris Comprehensive Cancer Center

Additional funds are needed to discover new treatments for cancer. You can invest in cancer research. You can be part of amazing breakthroughs; paradigm shifts that lead to effective new treatments. You can be a catalyst for creating a world without cancer.

Thank you again for caring - we look forward to hearing from you and encourage you to send in a year-end donation.  Your gift will help ensure that research that is designed to find new treatments as well ascures for cancer will continue.

For the Kure,

Susan Miller, Executive Director


With changes in federal funding for research, support from groups such as Kure It is absolutely essential.  High-risk, high-reward research is essential for medical progress, and that is precisely the type of research Kure It has allowed us to pursue.”  Cityof Hope Comprehensive Cancer Center